‘We were deeply touched by the report delivered by one of our employees after her journey to Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) in August 2005. She found that there was not even a single computer house in Kingasani, one of the largest and very populated district of Kimbanseke Municipality in Kinshasa the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is therefore from this shocking report that we had the initiative of creating the organization “Super Eagle Foundation.” Moreover, considering the current speed of development and modernization of new technologies in all sectors of life, it seems unfortunately that the Congolese people is left far behind because a large number of the population, mostly women and school pupils of primary and secondary schools, are not yet very well acquainted with this new technology.
Therefore, we decided to help in providing them with facilities that can really assist them to improve their knowledge in this issue.

Our current mission is to help and provide basic informatics’ services (computer lessons and internet café) to the people of Kingasani and surrounding areas particularly women for their adaptation to new technology.

Aim and objectives
The aim of our organization is to build a modern building that will be equipped with more computers in order to facilitate a better teaching for every learner than having them waiting in a long queue for long hours because of lack of enough facilities. This will enable us to serve more people in a reasonable time; thus reduce the time consuming for our trainers.

Extension of our actions throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Super Eagle foundation was created in May 2007. It’s office can be found in No 02 Boulevard Lumumba Quartier 17 Mai Commune Kimbanseke, Kinshasa, Democratic republic of Congo (DRC).

Who are we?
The initiative to create this organization was taken in the Netherlands by Mrs.Bébé Mpongo with the help and motivation from Mrs. Liliane Kilunga and, Mrs Anke Tax joined the organization later as volunteers. Ms. Amisi Bosano does the coordination of all activities in the Democratic republic Of Congo as she’s very well acquainted with local situations and circumstances.

Why the Super Eagle Foundation in The Netherlands?
In order to guarantee and reach our goals, Super Aigle Foundation hopes to find both funding and material goods in the Netherlands. This will be very much appreciated in order to run better our activities in the D.R. Congo. We are looking for people to help us improve our service delivery and in good management of administrative services especially with the Dutch language.

What we were confronted with?
From morning 7:30 until 9 o’clock at night students are taught, in blocks of 2 hours. But there are not enough computers, so people have to wait for their turn. “The students do not pay. Therefore they have no money. They don’t have a computer at home, however to find a job computer knowledge is important. Recently, one company even sent his employees to our school, so they too could learn. After nine months the course is completed and participants can receive a certificate. Because of the growth of the school, the building has become too small to accommodate the growing number of students. We are currently making plans to build a bigger school of our own. We are looking for funds to realise this. In addition to this, we are always in need of more computers and other materials like sewing machines. Your advice, your ideas, your support is always welcome so that we can improvement our working system and the vitality of our organization

Hours Our services are offered each day of the week except Sundays and holidays. • Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.. • Saturdays, 8:00 to 5:00 p.m.
For information contact Additional Republic of Congo (Kinshasa), please contact:
· Ms. Coordinator: Amisi Bosano at: 00243 815094843
· Secretary: Toto Nzalampangi at 00243813239609
For all contacts in the Netherlands please contact us at this address:
Bébé Mpongo: The Founder
· Mailing Address: Smyrnastraat 46,
7413 BC Deventer / Holland.
· Telephone: 0031 570 63 80 57
· Mobile: 0031 641 82 36 93
· E-mail: info@superadelaar.nl
Become a Donor Foundation
The Super Eagles is always looking for sponsors for her foundation. Any contribution can help us to achieve our goal.
Address: Smyrnastraat 46, 7413 BC, Deventer, the Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce 08192407
Your donation is welcome to  IBAN Nummer: NL 11 INGB 0004 1396 85